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Event Photography Services

Here at Trinity Photography we offer a slightly different service to traditional event photographers; we normally operate in one of two different ways.

1) We do not charge an attendance fee and attendees are able to purchase images on the night, with online sales available post-event. Guests can see and pay for their images there and then. Note that our 'Military Mess' functions operate differently in that we do not usually take money up-front on the night - it is usually paid as one invoice by the Mess and recovered via Mess bills.

2) The company/charity pays a flat fee and each attendee will receive an image from the evening (assuming they have their photo taken). Fees for this service start at £450 for up to 50 prints. If the number of prints required will exceed this please contact us for prices - we can also provide other products for event photography from small gifts to full-blown designer albums for each guest! Needless to say we can only quote for what you require so do call and discuss your requirements.

In either case, we post-process all images so that guests receive the very best print from their event. We do not print on the night as some photographers do, as, from instant printing, it just isn't possible to produce the quality that we demand. Our imagery isn't gimmicky, we don't use green screen or wacky props (although guests are welcome to bring their own!). We take great pride in producing the quality of photograph you'd expect to receive from a formal portrait sitting.  Our event photos are better than you'd expect from the short time we have with you and second to none, but at a price that is comparable to other event photographers.

Our event photography service covers a multitude of different types of 'function': if you're having a gathering of people then let us photograph them! We have previously worked at charity functions,  birthday parties, Christmas and Summer Balls, political conferences,  proms and all manner of business events, including awards' ceremonies. If you've got an event coming up and you'd like to have a chat about the photographic possibilities then we'd love to hear from you:  anthony@trinity-photography.co.uk or on 01722 422224.



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