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Our personal portrait sittings are great fun and are your time to enjoy, whether you think you will or not! And whatever package you choose we promise  not to give you the hard sell but we do hope you'll be so thrilled by your images you'll want to buy them all!

£130 sitting fee
Included is the portrait sitting and your choice of either a desk frame or mini accordion (perfect for the handbag!). 

£649 sitting fee
Included is the portrait sitting and a beautiful 27”x23” piece of wall-art designed to really show-off your family portrait. A large variety of wall-art is available from which to choose. 

 £200 sitting fee
Included is your one hour's personal sitting and an upload of all your session's images to a personal link on our website. You are then given several (smallish) value voucher-codes to the value of £151. In other words this means that £151 is taken off anything you buy from your website gallery. We make sure that you have several voucher-codes so that you are not stuck with having to buy £151 of products at the same time - also it means that you can give the codes to others or share the costs if you wish. This package is a great option for things like birthday gifts or party shoots.

We have a range of products starting at £81 for a single keepsake accordion to a variety of wall-art pieces (frames & framed canvases) from £250 & bespoke albums from £495. Your portrait sitting is an investment; something to be handed down through the generations. We want you to show off your family portrait for all to see - these moments in time deserve more than to be lost forever on a hard drive. As well as our normal products we always have a special offer or two available as well. For details of our current special offers please click here, or for other products or info please get in touch: info@trinity-photography.co.uk or 01722 422224.

Give us a call to book your portait sitting; we require a reservation  fee of £130 to secure your sitting date, with the balance due on the day itself. Make sure you think about what you're going to wear and any spare clothing or changes of clothes. Consider children's or pets' toys and treats. Have a hairbrush to hand, and it's always advisable to either not eat spinach beforehand or to brush your teeth before your photo session! We encourage sensible clothing without anything too wild in terms of patterns or brand names. Whilst it might look good now, always ask yourself "will what I am wearing date rapidly?" Within a week after your sitting you will get your link to your photos online. We will call/visit you to fully discuss your requirements choosing what you would like us to frame, put into an album or turn into your keepsake accordion. We promise there is no hard sell and no pressure. We want you to go away happy with the whole experience, so that you'll recommend us to your friends, come back again in a few years' time or book us for a wedding.  We have a beautiful range of products available.

Some questions we often get asked:

Q.  Do you sell digital files?

A.  As a matter of course no, and there is a good reason for this. If you can remember back to the days of film the negatives were never given as a matter of course by your photographer. Digital files are our negatives. The other reason is that by selling products rather than negatives we can ensure firstly that you're going to be getting the absolute best quality available and secondly it means you're going to see your photographs. Digital all too often gets stuck in a folder on a computer or languish on a facebook timeline, never to be seen again. Trinity Photography portraits are meant to be seen and enjoyed by everyone!

Q.  How long does it all take? 

A.  It depends on what you order. Please allow up to 10 working days for reprints; 21 working days for framed imagery/canvases/acrylics and up to 42 working days for albums. For other products please ask.

Q.  Do I have to spend more money with you?
A.  Absolutely not. Once the sitting fee has been paid there is no obligation to pay a penny more. Please do bear in mind that we work to the very highest standards and our aim is for your portraits to be handed down through the family as heirlooms - they are archival pieces of work. Consequently we aren't cheap, but we do believe that you get what you pay for. Photography is an investment and we are a professionally qualified, full-time photography company working to the highest standards. 
Q.  Do you do boudoir photography?
A.  Yes we do. We can do this in a private situation in your own home or on location but you might consider being brave for the latter! There may be restrictions too where and what may be done. For specific commissions please get in touch. Obviously these are very intimate shoots and we need to make sure that we and you both know what's wanted from your sitting.
Q.  Do you offer a military discount?
A.  Yes we do - please show us your ID card at the time of booking and you will be entitled to 10% off any products ordered. This does not apply to the sitting fee itself.
Q. Do you keep our pictures forever?
A. Yes and no! We archive your images within a few months of your sitting/order and 6 months after this date your images are put into deep archive (off-site). Should you wish to have another look at this point there is a retrieval fee to be paid, which, if you decide to purchase anything subsequently goes towards the cost. It is not refundable if you decide not to purchase anything. Once the retrieval fee has been paid we will re-upload (if applicable) your images to a web gallery.



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