We are digital artists - we have to be in this day and age! All of our images are taken digitally and then processed post-camera. Not that we photoshop the living daylights out of people, but effectively we use a digital darkroom to take the raw images (think negatives or slide film of old) and turn them into developed photographs (the final product).

We use  Adobe software from start to finish, using Lightroom for the inital process and then fine-tuning in Photoshop. All of our design work is done using Photoshop, and for those graphic designers out there we do appreciate there are plenty of other programmes which are just as good and in some cases possibly better for given application. However Anthony has been working with Photoshop for so long that he is an intuitive user, with over 400 shortcuts under his fingers. For him it most definitely is the most effective tool for the job!

Because of the fact that we work digitally in everything we do, it means we are able to offer consumers that service too. We have the equipment to be able to scan your old images and slides, retouch them and print copies for you, helping to preserve the life of those treasured pictures. We can help restore, resize, process, print, design and embellish your images should you want us to. Whether it's taking your slide film and producing a CD or putting together an album for you of your own images just let us know. Whatever the job we're sure we can help.

Coping fees start at only £10 but you may need to add in some, if not all, of the following costs - printing and P&P, editing, retouching, over-sized large format copy setup, burning to disc/USB and cost of that media used (usually digital files are sent to you digitally as part of the scan fee), un-foreseen costs and also your or our additional insurance/transport costs for your precious original(s)



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